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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Running tcc and tccd with different user IDs in Distributed TETware

3. How does TETware handle the tet_xres temporary results file?

4. How does tcc locate the build tool?

5. Relationship between TET_SUITE_ROOT and TET_TSROOT

6. Error message: tcc/tcp: unknown service

7. How to create a new process using tet_spawn() and tet_wait()

8. Relationship between TET_OUTPUT_CAPTURE and TET_API_COMPLIANT

9. How to solve test case locking problems

10. Repeated scenario execution without modifying the scenario file

11. Error message: can't log on to TCCD on system n

12. How to run test cases in a known environment

13. Problems when running the perl demo

14. Executing a set-UID test case

15. How to get the standard error from an API-conforming test case to appear in the journal

16. How to run a distributed test case which reboots one of the systems

17. How to link the tet_main() function when using the C++ API

18. Problems with SIGCHLD in the Perl API

19. How to handle POSIX signals in a C language test case

20. How to create multiple processes using tet_fork()

21. Porting Korn Shell arithmetic expressions from UNIX to Win32 systems

22. Running tccd from the command line

23. How to determine the value of an XTI address string

24. Variable types used in TETware

25. Displaying scenario trees with tetscpp

26. Writing a new API

27. Error message: tetsyncd: client connection closed

28. tccd can't execute make on a remote system

29. Does in.tccd source .profile on a remote system?

30. ER_ERR - the general error code

31. How to use the dynamic test case interface in the C API

32. How to run test cases in a clean environment

33. How to copy executed commands output to the journal

34. How to run individual Invocable Components from the tcc command line

35. How to identify test case timeouts in the journal file

36. Running different randomly selected test cases in parallel on several systems

37. How do environment variables get passed to test cases?

38. How to process a scenario that contains test cases that use different APIs

39. How to create a new thread in a Java API-conforming test case

40. How to run TETware from an NFS server

41. Configuration variable exchange errors in Distributed TETware

42. Error message: tccd: refused login request from hostname


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