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21. Porting Korn Shell arithmetic expressions from UNIX to Win32 systems



I have ported a Korn Shell test case from a UNIX system to a Win32 system. When I run the test case it prints the following message:

i+=4: tp4: d:/TET/tet32/lib/ksh/tcm.ksh 678: .: create.ksh 83: not found

The file is indeed present:

-rwxrwxrwa   1 Administrators  ENG-NT\staff \
	18341 Jul 30  1997 d:/TET/tet32/lib/ksh/tcm.ksh 


I don't think that the problem is to do with the shell not being able to find tcm.ksh.

I think that you have to read the diagnostic backwards like this:

create.ksh line 83 calls tcm.ksh
tcm.ksh line 678 calls function tp4
tp4 calls i+=4
shell reports command not found

This suggests that the shell is interpreting the line i+=4 as a command whereas I expect that you intended it to be an arithmetic expression. This is because the MKS Shell is a POSIX shell and doesn't support the Korn Shell extensions by default. In the Korn Shell, you can say:

(( i+=4 ))
which is the same as saying:

let "i+=4"
But in the POSIX shell, (( i+=4 )) simply runs the command i+=4 in a subshell.

One way to write an arithmetic expression that is portable between the Korn Shell on UNIX systems and the MKS Shell on Win32 systems is:

: $(( i += 4 ))

Or you can say:

case `uname -s` in
	set -K
to get Korn Shell behaviour from the MKS Shell on Win32 systems.



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