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41. Configuration variable exchange errors in Distributed TETware



When I try to execute the test case as specified in tet_scen I get the following error in the journal file:

0|3.2 15:02:52 19980805|User: tet TCC Start, Command line: tcc -e
5|Windows_NT phobos 4 0 586|Local System Information
50||(tcconf.c, 258): unexpected STCC reply code ER_ERR
50||(tcxconf.c, 218): tet_tcsndconfv failed, rc = ER_ERR
50||(config.c, 988): tet_tcxconfig() failed when performing \
	exec mode configuration variable exchange with system 1: \
	rc = ER_ERR
900|15:02:52|TCC End



Whenever you see a server reply code of ER_ERR which relates to an operation performed by tccd, a more detailed error message which describes the cause of the problem is printed in the tccdlog file on the remote system.

The most common cause of a ``configuration variable exchange'' error is that tccd on the remote machine could not find the configuration file. You need to provide configuration files for each of the selected modes of operation on the remote systems as well as on the local system.

When you run tcc in execute mode: if the test suite root directory on system 1 is called /home/tet/tests (as defined in the tetdist.cfg file on the local system), tccd on system 1 looks for a file called /home/tet/tests/tetexec.cfg when tcc performs the configuration variable exchange with system 1. This file must exist, even if it is empty.


See also

  • "The Test Case Controller'' and "Configuration variable processing in Distributed TETware'' in the TETware Programmers Guide.

  • "tccd log file'' in the TETware User Guide.


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