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40. How to run TETware from an NFS server

The information in this article is not applicable to Win32 systems.

You can run TETware from a server over NFS.

Here are some instructions which describe how to set up one of the configurations that we support when we run the TETware training course:

  1. Create a user called tet in group tet on the server.

  2. Install TETware on the server in a directory owned by the user tet; for example, in /home/tet.

    In the instructions that follow, assume that the server is called tetserver.

  3. Have each workstation mount tetserver:/home/tet.
    For example:
    mkdir -p /nfs/tetserver/home/tet
    mount -r tetserver:/home/tet /nfs/tetserver/home/tet

  5. Create a tet root directory on each workstation in some private area.
    For example, for user fred:
    mkdir /home/fred/tet3
    chgrp tet /home/fred/tet3
    chmod g+ws /home/fred/tet3
    export TET_ROOT

    It is best to put these last two lines in each user's .profile.

  6. Create symbolic links in each private tet root directory to the server's tet root directory.
    For example:
    cd /home/fred/tet3
    ln -s /nfs/tetserver/home/tet/bin .
    ln -s /nfs/tetserver/home/tet/inc .
    ln -s /nfs/tetserver/home/tet/lib .

  7. Add the group tet to each user's supplementary group list.

  8. Have each user work with a umask of 2.

  9. In Distributed TETware, run in.tccd with the -m2 option.

See also

  • The tccd manual page in the TETware User Guide.


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