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13. Problems when running the perl demo



I am running Distributed TETware on a UNIX system.

When I run the perl demo, no test case output appears in the journal file.

For example:

70||"starting scenario"
110|0 /ts/tc1 10:59:49|Build Start, scenario ref 2-0
130|0 0 10:59:50|Build End, scenario ref 2-0
10|1 /ts/tc1 10:59:50|TC Start, scenario ref 2-0
80|1 255 10:59:54|TC End, scenario ref 2-0
300|2 /ts/tc1 10:59:54|Clean Start, scenario ref 2-0
320|2 0 10:59:56|Clean End, scenario ref 2-0
110|3 /ts/tc2 10:59:56|Build Start, scenario ref 3-0
130|3 0 10:59:57|Build End, scenario ref 3-0
10|4 /ts/tc2 10:59:57|TC Start, scenario ref 3-0
80|4 255 11:00:00|TC End, scenario ref 3-0
300|5 /ts/tc2 11:00:01|Clean Start, scenario ref 3-0
320|5 0 11:00:02|Clean End, scenario ref 3-0
70||"next is the last test case"
110|6 /ts/tc3 11:00:02|Build Start, scenario ref 5-0
130|6 0 11:00:03|Build End, scenario ref 5-0
10|7 /ts/tc3 11:00:03|TC Start, scenario ref 5-0
80|7 255 11:00:07|TC End, scenario ref 5-0
300|8 /ts/tc3 11:00:07|Clean Start, scenario ref 5-0
320|8 0 11:00:08|Clean End, scenario ref 5-0
900|11:00:08|TCC End

The following errors appear in the /tmp/tccdlog file:

tccd (25135) 29 Sep 10:59:51 (tcfexec.c, 205): \
	can't exec /export/home0/tet/perldemo/tet_tmp_dir/25131a/tc1: \
	No such file or directory
tccd (25143) 29 Sep 10:59:57 (tcfexec.c, 205): \
	can't exec /export/home0/tet/perldemo/tet_tmp_dir/25131a/tc2: \
	No such file or directory
tccd (25154) 29 Sep 11:00:04 (tcfexec.c, 205): \
	can't exec /export/home0/tet/perldemo/tet_tmp_dir/25131a/tc3: \
	No such file or directory

There is nothing in tet_tmp_dir. Is there something that I need to add in the setup?



The perl demo does not have a setting for TET_EXEC_IN_PLACE in the execute mode configuration file tetexec.cfg. When TET_EXEC_IN_PLACE is undefined, its default value is False.

When TET_EXEC_IN_PLACE is false, tcc copies the contents of the test case directory to a temporary directory below tet_tmp_dir and executes the test case from there. The temporary directory is removed when execution finishes. This is why you won't see anything below tet_tmp_dir after tcc exits.

You will notice that, in the journal, the exit status in each Test Case End line is 255. This shows that the test case could not be executed and corresponds to the ``can't exec'' messages in the /tmp/tccdlog file. Here are some possible reasons why the test cases could not be executed:

  1. Problem
    The test cases are missing from the test case source directory, so don't get copied to the temporary directory before execution. Thus the exec fails.

    Check that the test cases tc1, tc2 and tc3 exist in $TET_ROOT/contrib/demo/ts. If they are missing, install them from the contrib distribution.

  2. Problem
    Each test case in the perl demo must be interpreted by perl. In the demo this is achieved by the line #!/usr/bin/perl at the top of each test case file. If perl is not installed in /usr/bin on your system, the symptoms will be the same as if the test cases are missing.

    Check that the file /usr/bin/perl exists on your system (and is executable). If it doesn't, you can do one of the following (the most recommended is first).

    1. Install a symlink named /usr/bin/perl which points to the location of the perl executable on your system; or:

    2. Set TET_EXEC_TOOL in tetexec.cfg to the location of perl on your system. For example, if perl lives in /usr/local/bin on your system, you would say:

    3. Change the #! line in every test case to refer to the location of perl on your system.

Needless to say, you must have perl installed somewhere on your system in order to have any chance of running the perl demo!


Win32 systems

A Win32 system does not interpret #! in a script file. Instead, the o/s uses the file name suffix indicate how a file should be executed. On a Win32 system the TETware execution subsystem understands that a file with a .pl suffix should be interpreted by perl. In order for this to work it is necessary for the directory containing perl.exe to be included in the value of the PATH environment variable.


See also

  • "Execute mode processing'' and "Configuration variables which modify TETware's operation'' in the TETware Programmers Guide.

  • Users of Win32 systems should check out the section entitled ``Executable files'' in Appendix H of the TETware User Guide.


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