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24. Variable types used in TETware


TETware uses the following types of variables:

  1. Environment variables.
    These are variables that are read from the environment when tcc is invoked.
  3. Configuration variables.
    These are variables read from configuration files that you must provide.
  5. Communication variables.
    These are variables that tcc puts in the environment when it executes a test case or tool.

These types of variable are logically distinct. In particular, it should be understood that configuration variables and environment variables are not the same.


Configuration variables

These variables are used by tcc and may also be accessed by API-conforming test cases and tools. When the C API is used, configuration variables may be accessed by calling the tet_getvar() API function. When the Shell or Korn Shell API is used, the TCM makes configuration variables available as readonly shell variables but does not export them.

In Distributed TETware it is possible to define configuration variables with different values on different systems.


Distributed configuration variables

As with configuration variables, the Distributed tcc reads distributed configuration variables from a file that you must provide. However, the APIs do not make distributed configuration variables available to test cases and tools.


Communication variables

These are environment variables that tcc uses to pass information to TCMs. They can be accessed by test cases and tools but should not be modified since the operation of the APIs depend on them.


See also

  • "Communication variables'' and "Configuration files'' in the TETware Programmers Guide.

  • "Environment variables'' in the TETware User Guide.

  • The tcc manual page in the TETware User Guide.


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