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11. Error message: can't log on to TCCD on system n



When I try to run the distributed demo, tcc prints the message:

tcc (dtcc.c, 337): server connection closed (sysid = 0, pid = -1: STCC)
tcc (dtcc.c, 229): can't log on to TCCD on system 0
I am running Distributed TETware on a UNIX system and using the inetd version of tccd.



The first message indicates that the connection from tcc was accepted by inetd and then closed for some reason.

Possibilities are:

  1. If inetd could not execute in.tccd for some reason when tcc connected to the well-known tccd port, you should see an error message from inetd in the syslog file.

  2. If in.tccd started up but then exited with an error, you should see a startup message followed by an error message in the tccd log file (usually /tmp/tccdlog).

Additional information

The ``can't log on to TCCD'' message may be preceded by other messages. One example is the ``tcc/tcp: unknown service'' message that is described in another Knowledge Base article.

Another example is as follows:

tcc (logon.c, 133): server error (sysid = -1, pid = 12961: STCC)
tcc (dtcc.c, 229): can't log on to TCCD on system 1

In this case it is necessary to check the /tmp/tccdlog file on system 1 for further information about the error. It contained the lines:

tccd (12961) 28 May 14:09:25: connection received from texel
tccd (12961) 28 May 14:09:25 (tccd_in.c, 418): can't open \
	/home/tet/systems.equiv: No such file or directory
tccd (12961) 28 May 14:09:25 (tccd.c, 398): client connection closed \
	(sysid = 0, pid = 2234: MTCC)

This shows that the reason for the failure is because the systems.equiv file has not been set up correctly on system 1.

See also

  • "Starting tccd'' in the TETware Installation Guide for UNIX Operating Systems.
  • "The Distributed C API demonstration'' in the TETware User Guide.
  • The tccd manual page in the TETware User Guide.


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