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42. Error message: tccd: refused login request from hostname



When I run the Distributed tcc, it is unable to connect to tccd. The following message appears in the tccdlog file on the system in question:

tccd (102) 8 Jul 15:26:25: connection received from phobos
tccd (102) 8 Jul 15:26:25 (tccd_in.c, 435): refused login request \
	from phobos
tccd (102) 8 Jul 15:26:25 (tccd.c, 398): client connection closed \
	(sysid = 0, pid = 140: MTCC)


This means that tcc on the system called phobos tried to log on to tccd. tccd looked up this name in the systems.equiv file but didn't find it. So the logon request was refused.

You should check that the systems.equiv file contains an entry for each system from which you want tccd to accept connections.

Each entry in this file should be whatever host name is returned when gethostbyaddr() is called with the system's IP address as argument. If your system is running a name server, this will usually be a fully-qualified domain name. If a call to gethostbyaddr() can't resolve the IP address, you can specify the IP address in the systems.equiv file instead.


See also

  • The systems.equiv manual page in the TETware User Guide.
  • "The systems equivalence file'' in the TETware Installation Guide.


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