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Frequently Asked Questions


Last Updated : 5 June 2004: freq.ques, v1.29

This is the Frequently Asked Questions file for TETware and the Test Environment Toolkit.

The TETware Knowledge Base also contains frequent problems and solutions. A pdf version of the Knowledge Base containing additional frequent problems is available on the Documentation page.

General Questions

G1. What is TET? What is TET3? What is TETware? What is TETware Lite? What is Distributed TETware? What is TETware RT?

G2. What are the benefits of TETware? What are the main features and facilities?

G3. What is TETware being used for? Are there commercial products that use it?

G4. What are the system requirements for TETware?

G5. What systems does TETware run on?

G6. Where can I get a copy of TETware or TET from? What about documentation?

G7. Is there a mailing list for discussions on TET? Is there a Web site?

G8. Are there training classes for TETware?

G9. Is there a GUI front end for TETware?

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Licence Questions

L1. Can I redistribute TETware?

L2.  Can I redistribute TET?

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Hints & Tips for Installing TETware

H1. How do I build TETware from source?

H2. I get an error message from the make command that the file ts.mk cannot be located.

H3. I get a message about a syntax error on line 3 of the makefile - THREADS_NOT_SUPPORTED. I do not want to build the threads API.

H4. How can I find out what tccd (in.tccd) is doing? Is there a logfile? Does it use syslog()?

H5. I've built and installed in.tccd. When I try to run the demo I get a message about permission denied. What did i do wrong?

H6. The SHELL-API demo test suite fails to build on Linux.

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TETware APIs and test development

A1. What APIs are available to write tests in?

A2. Are there any examples of tests written using the different APIs?

A3. Can I get more information on writing tests?

A4. What are the system requirements for the Java API?

A5. Can you use the Java API to test a GUI based test case, or a test case using Netscape IFC.

A6. Has TETware been used with tcl and/or expect?

A7. Are there any sample build tools that use the TETware API?

A8. Is there a report writer?

A9. How do I run a debugger on tests run using tcc?

A10. Which debuggers do you support with TETware?

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TETware Versions

V1. What versions of TETware are there?

V2. What are ETET and dTET, and what is their relationship to the TET and TETware?

V3. How compatible is TETware with TET1.10 / ETET / dTET?

V4. Is there a version of the TET available for Windows Operating Systems?

V5. Is Distributed TETware supported on Windows Operating Systems?

V6. What are TETware professional and TETware professional RT?

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Build Questions

B1. How do I build TETware from source?

B2. Does TETware have a single source for UNIX systems & Windows NT?

B3. How do you build the NT version of TETware?

B4. Are TETware's C++ extensions "C" or "cpp" for Microsoft compilers?

B5. I have trouble linking to tet_main when using MS Visual C++. What should I do?

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T1. How do I stop tcc running properly? When I hit the interrupt key some processes keep going, sometimes lock files get left behind.

T2. Why do we get TETware locking errors? How can we avoid them?

T3. Why does TET_OUTPUT_CAPTURE need to be enabled in order to see make problems?

T4. Why does TETware not allow POSIX.1 signals to be set to be ignored or left unchanged?

T5. How will results be perverted if POSIX.1 signals are mentioned in TET_SIG_IGN or TET_SIG_LEAVE?

T6. tccdstart does not work on Windows NT, what should I do?

T7. How does the TETware trace facility work?

T8. How can I trace what tccd is doing?

T9. When using Distributed TETware tccd does not find tools not in the default PATH.

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M1. If suite/bin is useful, why doesn't tcc dynamically rebuild it's execution path to include suite/bin before looking for tools such as buildtool or cleantool to execute?

M2. Is tcc supposed to get buildtool or cleantool from suite/test_case_dir or from suite/bin?

M3. Where can I get the TETware design specification?

M4. How flexible and modular is TETware?

M5. A requirement we have is to be able to run our tests repeatedly for hardware stress testing. How can we do this?

M6. Can TETware generate my tests for me?

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