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The Test Environment Toolkit

Check out the contrib APIs: Python API Slide Tutorial | Ruby API Slide Tutorial | TCL API Slide Tutorial | PHP-CLI API Slide Tutorial


For organizations that are developing software and need to thoroughly test their products across multiple operating systems, the Test Environment Toolkit is a Test Execution Management System that takes care of the administration, reporting, and sequencing of the tests providing a single common user interface for all of the tests that you develop  (more . . .). 

Provided as both a freely available Open Source product and a fully supported product, known as TETware (which also includes additional platform support), the Test Environment Toolkit provides an easy to use framework which can be built to support:

  • local testing
  • remote testing
  • distributed testing
  • testing on real-time and embedded systems 

(more . . .)

This frees developers to concentrate on test development and helps testers by providing them with a single, standard, test harness.  Helping you to deliver your software projects on time, within budget and across multiple operating systems. 

The Open Group makes the full product documentation freely available from here. All of these products are available with support and off-the-virtual-shelf - easily accessed by ftp download. 

(more . . .)

The Open Group sponsors the TET Workshop, the body that created the original specification for the Test Environment Toolkit. Today this takes the form of a low volume announcement and discussion list.

(more . . .)


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