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30. ER_ERR - the general error code

The architecture used by both TETware-Lite and Distributed TETware consists of several layers. Since Distributed TETware uses a client-server architecture, some of these layers are implemented in client processes whereas other layers are implemented in server processes.

When an error condition occurs, diagnostic messages can be generated by more than one of these layers. Many of these messages are accompanied by a ``server reply code'' which contains additional information about the cause of the error. Whenever the server reply code is ER_ERR, a more detailed error message will have been generated by a lower-level function. In Distributed TETware this more detailed error message can often be found in the tccd log file, which is the place where tccd logs its diagnostic information. The default location for this file is /tmp/tccdlog on a UNIX system or c:/tmp/tccdlog on a Win32 system.

Therefore, when Distributed TETware is used, whenever a Test Case Controller or Test Case Manager message appears in the journal which includes an ER_ERR mnemonic, it is often necessary to look at the tccdlog file in order to determine the cause of the error.


See also

  • "Server reply codes'', "tccd log file'' and the tccd manual page in the TETware User Guide.


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