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15. How to get the standard error from an API-conforming test case to appear in the journal



I have a number of tests where the test program writes to stderr. I would like this information to appear in the journal file. I have been unable to achieve this using the TET_OUTPUT_CAPTURE settings. So I have resorted to redirecting stderr to a file and running a small program which reads in each line of the file and calls the function tet_infoline().

Is there a better way to achieve this?



It is possible to instruct tcc to capture stdout and stderr from a test case and copy it to the journal. When using this functionality, it is helpful to understand the interaction between the TET_OUTPUT_CAPTURE and TET_API_COMPLIANT configuration variables.

You can run your test case with TET_OUTPUT_CAPTURE=true in the execute mode configuration. When you do this, tcc will execute test cases with output capture mode enabled. However, setting TET_OUTPUT_CAPTURE=true also has the effect of providing a default value of TET_API_COMPLIANT=false. So if your test case uses the API, you will need to set TET_API_COMPLIANT=true explicitly, otherwise you won't get any information lines or result lines in the journal.


See also

  • "Execute mode processing'' and "Configuration variables which modify TETware's operation'' in the TETware Programmers Guide.


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