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28. tccd can't execute make on a remote system

The information in this article is applicable to Distributed TETware.



When I try to build test cases on a remote system, the following error message appears in the journal:

110|1 /ts/tc2 15:48:07|Build Start, scenario ref 4-1
50||(exec.c, 136): can't exec make on system 001, \
	server reply code = ER_NOENT
130|1 -1 15:48:08|Build End, scenario ref 4-1

It seems that make can't be executed on the remote system.



tccd uses the PATH environment variable to locate commands in the usual way. On a remote system (that is: a system with a non-zero system ID), the value of PATH is inherited from inetd. Typically this is set to something like /bin:/usr/bin. If make doesn't live in one of those places, tccd can't find it and prints an error message to this effect.

For example, on Solaris systems, make usually lives in /usr/ccs/bin and the compiler lives in a directory such as /opt/SUNWspro/bin. Clearly these locations are not included in the value of PATH that tccd inherits from inetd.

You can use the -e command-line option to pass a different value of PATH to tccd. For example, on a Solaris system you might modify the tccd entry in /etc/inetd.conf to look something line this:

tcc  stream  tcp  nowait  tet   tet-root/bin/in.tccd  \
	in.tccd -e PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/opt/SUNWspro/bin


See also

  • The tccd manual page in the TETware User Guide.

  • "Starting tccd'' in the TETware Installation Guide for UNIX Operating Systems.


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