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1. Introduction

1.1 Preface

The TETware Knowledge Base contains articles which describe how to use TETware to solve particular testing problems. Many of the articles contain information that has previously been provided in response to specific questions from TETware users.

TETware is implemented on UNIX operating systems and also on the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems. It includes all of the functionality of the Test Environment Toolkit Release 1.10 (TET), the Distributed Test Environment Toolkit Version 2 Release 2.3 (dTET2) and the Extended Test Environment Toolkit Release 1.10.3 (ETET), together with a number of new features.

Throughout this document, the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems are referred to collectively as Win32 systems. The individual system names are only used when it is necessary to distinguish between them.


1.2 Audience

This document is intended to be read by software engineers are already familiar with TETware. People who are new to TETware should first refer to the documents described in the section entitled "Related documents'' later in this chapter.


1.3 Conventions used in this document

The following typographic conventions are used throughout this document:
  • Courier font is used for function and program names, literals and file names. Examples and computer-generated output are also presented in this font.

  • The names of variables are presented in italic font. You should substitute the variable's value when typing a command that contains a word in this font.

  • Bold font is used for headings and for emphasis.

Long lines in some examples and computer-generated output have been folded at a \ character for formatting purposes. If you type such an example, you should type it in all on one line and omit the \ character.

Unless stated to the contrary, shell script examples in this document assume the use of a Bourne, Korn or POSIX shell on UNIX systems or, where applicable, the MKS Korn Shell on Win32 systems.


1.4 Related documents

Refer to the following documents for additional information about TETware:
  • Test Environment Toolkit: TETware Installation Guide
    There is one version of this document for each operating system family on which TETware is implemented.

  • Test Environment Toolkit: TETware Programmers Guide

  • Test Environment Toolkit: TETware User Guide

In addition, the TETware Release Notes contain important information about how to install and use TETware. You should read the release notes thoroughly before attempting to install and use each new release of TETware.



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