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Different versions of TETware may be built for different types of testing.

Type of Testing TETware Lite Distributed TETware TETware RT
Local Yes Yes Yes
Remote No Yes No
Distributed No Yes No
Embedded System No No Yes

Types of testing may also be classifed according to the nature of the systems that is being tested (more . . .).


Local testing takes place when a test is executed on the same system that it is installed on and which it's execution is controlled from.   No other systems are involved.


In remote testing a test is executed on another system with the result being passed back to the local system.


A distributed test case has parts that execute simultaneously on either the local system and one or more remote systems, or entirely on two or more remote systems.  The different parts are synchronized and contribute towards a single result which is collated on the local system.

For further information on these three type of testing please refer to the White Paper, Managing Distributed Testing.


Embedded System

Typically TETware cannot run on a realtime system, as the operating system facilities may be limited.  Therefore TETware runs on a host system and controls the execution of tests on the target (realtime) system.

For further information please refer to the White Paper, TETware for Realtime and Embedded Systems.

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