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Java Testing with TETware


TETware 3.4 added a Java Language binding for the TETware.  It is available to support customers only.

The Java binding provides a Java TETware environment that permits the development of Java applications with test classes. Once instantiated, these classes can be automatically exercised by the Java test case manager, communicating with TETware's test case controller using the standard mechanisms. This is accomplished by linking Java applications with the TETware libraries via the Java Native Interface. The Java API includes all the functionality of TETware to the extent made possible by the standard Java environment. Dependencies for the Java binding include JDK 1.1 or later including JNI support.

Java API Overview


TETware also supports language bindings for C, C++, Korn Shell, Perl, XPG3 Shell, and Tcl.  Users may include test cases that use different API's within a test scenario (please see Knowledgebase article 38 for more details) and may even develop their own APIs if they wish (please see Knowledgebase article 26 for more details).


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