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If you have not already joined the TET Workshop, you may do so by joining the mailing lists. The mailing lists are 'open' to anyone to join and participate in. You are requested to read all of this page, for important information on how to subscribe/unsubscribe. At present we have the following mailing lists.

List Name Description Click to Subscribe
tetworks TET Workshop general discussion. Self-Subscribe

The click to self-subscribe calls up a form into which you can input your details. You must create yourself a login name, a usual notation is to use initial.surname, as in j.bloggs. If you have previously subscribed to another list please follow the instructions.

If you are a regular user of the Open Group mail and web system you will not receive an acknowledgement other than to start receiving list mail .

For members and non-members, a list archive browser is available:
Browse: [ tetworks ]


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