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When using the TETware products to manage software-testing users should find that all their testing is:

visible; traceable; repeatable; reliable; and scalable.

It should be easy to integrate their TETware managed tests with other applications and, above all, the product should be easy to use.


TETware GUI users can watch tests executing in the Execution Output window and see how far their Test Run has actually run.


Through the Journal file TETware Users can identify who ran a test, when, how it was configured and what the results were.


Because the TETware GUI stores a complete test configuration in a test run file it is possible to rerun individual tests or entire test runs as many times as necessary. When rerunning tests users have the able to select tests to rerun by result code (for example they can rerun only those tests that did not pass the first time) or by mode of operation.


TETware is robust enough to allow for continuous and repeated operation without failure. The software is proven over many years of testing a wide range of applications.


TETware can be scaled to simulate hundreds of users hitting an application at the same time. When carrying out distributed testing up to 999 remote systems may participate in a test.


Because TETware is based on published and open APIs, and users receive source code, it is possible to integrate TETware with other applications. Support for Report Writers and Database output is provided as standard.


The TETware GUI makes it easy to configure and run tests, and to extract the result data from these tests. A minimum of training is needed to enable testers to become productive.

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