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Fees for License including Support

In addition to the unsupported Open Source version of TET, all three products can also be purchased under the terms of a single license and support agreement with the initial 12 months support included.  You can select the product type, lite, distributed or RT.


Annual Fee

TETware Lite


Distributed TETware


TETware RT(*)

(*)TETware/RT requires TETware


Distributed/Lite/RT TETware Binary Redistribution rights

$0 while in support, or a one time buyout equal to four times the fees listed above

TETware GUI bytecode (unsupported)

$0 (bundled with Distributed TETware)

TETware GUI source (no redistribution rights)


TETware GUI source & binary redistribution rights


How to Purchase

To download a copy of the Agreement please click here, follow the instructions to complete it, and then return it to the TETworks team at tet_prodmanager (at) opengroup.org or fax it to +1 415 276 3760.

Small Print
  1. All prices are in US Dollars.
  2. Payment is due at the time the Agreement is countersigned by The Open Group and annually thereafter.
  3. Payment must be received before the software will be made available.
  4. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Download Agreement:

TETware Agreement
Notes for completing the Agreement


TETware Lite
Distributed TETware
TETware RT
TETware Support

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