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Distributed TETware manages the execution of distributed test cases.  Those are test cases with parts  executing simultaneously on either the local system and one or more remote systems, or entirely on two or more remote systems.  The different parts are synchronized and contribute towards a single result which is collated on the local system.  Typically it is used to test the interaction between different computer systems.  

It may also be used to carry out non-distributed tests on remote machines ("remote testing") across a network and collate the results on the local system.

System Architecture

The testing process is driven by a Scenario file.  This lists all of the test cases and describes how they are to be processed. The description is provided in the form of a directive. For distributed testing we use a distributed directive which defines which systems will run which parts of the test case.

The scenario file that contains the directive is read by a Controller (see Figure), which allocates the different parts of the tests to separate control services. One for the local system (the control console), and one for each remote system. Note that these are logical systems and that more than one logical system can be resident on the same physical device. A test suite may comprise many remote systems all of which interact and contribute towards a single test result.


To ensure that all of the tests, on all of the systems, are carried out in the correct order the test cases are synchronized. Synchronization may take place at either system defined or user defined points. The identification of these points is important. At each point each system can vote as to whether or not synchronization was successful. A synchronization event is only considered successful if the vote is unanimous.  It is synchronization that is the key to successful distributed testing.

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