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In all versions of TETware the testing process is driven by a list of test cases contained in a  Scenario file.  A Controller module links into each test case and calls each test in turn. Once each test is complete it records a result. When all the tests have been called, the Controller and  TETware gathers the results and writes them to a results file.

The test scenarios not only tell the controller which test cases to process but also tells them how to  process them.  For example it tells the controller if a test is to be repeated or run on a remote machine. (More . . .)

The results file is known as the Journal file.  It is a highly structured file that records the configuration details and results for each test that is executed.  Because the file is highly structure data may  be extracted from it an passed to the TETware Report Writer or to a database.

There are differences between how the different versions of TETware work.  For details of the Architecture of the different versions please click on the product name on the right.

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