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TETware Versions

V1. What versions of TETware are there?

TETware comes in three versions:

  • TETware-Lite,
    processes non-distributed test cases on a single computer system (the local system)

  • Distributed TETware,

    • processes non-distributed test cases on:
      1. the local system
      2. one or more remote systems
    • processes distributed test cases, containing one or more parts, each of which runs on each participating system in the distributed test.

  • TETware RT processes test cases on real-time or embedded systems.

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V2. What were ETET and dTET, and what is their relationship to the TET and TETware?

Before TETware, there were three threads of TET development, The three versions adhere to the TET Specification and some of them extend it to address different problem domains.

  • TET - the base TET as recognized by the tetworks mailing list.  The last formal release of TET was TET1.10 in May 1992.

  • ETET - was an extension to TET developed by SunSoft with revisions by USL. ETET's goal was to add commercial features to base TET yet retain compatibility and also to add additional APIs - C++, Perl, Ksh. The ETET development was folded in the main TETware development track.

  • dTET was developed by X/Open and addressed the distributed test problem using a client/server architecture. The dTET development was folded in the main TETware development track.

TETware has now folded the features of these separate releases back into a single development thread, and has added some new features. This has not been by a straight merging of the code, but rather a re-implementation of the internals, to permit portability and consistency, whilst retaining the external interfaces.

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V3. How compatible is TETware  with TET1.10 / dTET / ETET?

TETware has been designed to be compatible with the previous three threads of development. The TETware User Guide contains an appendix giving hints and tips for users of previous TET implementations.

When building from source, TETware has an additional target , make compat, which instantiates links to the previous TET1.10 hierarchy to support existing test suites.

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V4. Is there a version of the TET available for Windows Operating Systems?

TETware includes platform support for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

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V5. Is Distributed TETware supported on Windows Operating Systems?

TETware Lite is supported on 32-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Distributed TETware is supported on the server Windows Operating Systems (e.g. NT or 2000), but not on client Windows Operating Systems (e.g. '95 or '98).

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V6. What are TETware professional and TETware professional RT

TETware professional is a development of TETware, by The Open Group, for users who told us that TETware is difficult to use and that they wanted it to be easier to use and more productive. It includes an automated installation mechanism, Graphical User Interface, a standard (supported) Report Writer, a Database driver, and a Scenario File Generator. These features are included with the full TETware release from TETware 3.7

TETware professional RT is the real-time and embedded system version of TETware professional. Now known as TETware RT.

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