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Hints & Tips for Installing

H1. How do I build TETware from source?

Download the source distribution.

sh configure -t TRANSPORT # where TRANSPORT = lite or inet or xti cd src; make ; make install

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H2. I get an error message from the make command that the file ts.mk cannot be located.

Ensure you run the

sh configure -t TRANSPORT
command (see H1) in the

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H3. I get a message about a syntax error on line 3 of the makefile - THREADS_NOT_SUPPORTED. I do not want to build the threads API.

Edit the top level defines.mk file and set


If you do not want to build the C++ API, similarly set


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H4. How can I find out what tccd (in.tccd) is doing? Is there a logfile? Does it use syslog()?

Yes, check /tmp/tccdlog. No it does not use syslog() at the present time. Check the section of the documentation about trace and debugging information.

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H5. I've built and installed in.tccd. When I try to run the demo I get a message about permission denied. What did i do wrong?

Check the ownership of the tet distribution. The simplest way is to create a user tet and have the files owned by it. To run in.tccd under another user account use the -u userid flag.

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H6. The SHELL-API demo test suite fails to build on Linux.

Solution: Edit the bin/cleantool and bin/buildtool files, and change the ":" to "#!/bin/sh".

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