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The objective of the TETware Partner Program is to offer cost effective software testing solutions to meet individual customer requirements by helping Partners to deliver robust solutions based on well established technology.

What TETware Offers

TETware is a software test execution management system that takes care of the administration, reporting and sequencing of the tests in a users test suite (more . . .). It is focused on the execution part of testing, and requires that tests be developed to run within its framework. It is a fairly unique product; covering local, remote and distributed testing (more . . .); offered by a unique vendor.

The Open Group does not offer products that cover all of the software development process, and/or all of the software testing process (see Figure). Our TETware product is focused on only one aspect of testing meaning that it will often co-exist with other vendors products, such as software configuration management or test generation systems that provide complementary functionality. TETware will co-exist with these products to provide a more complete solution.  The TETware Partner Program seeks to deliver these more complete solutions to the end-user.

TETware in the Software Engineering & Testing Process

Why be a TETware Partner?

Increasingly customers are looking for a more complete solution one that can be laborious both to develop and maintain.  TETware already offers the capability to take care of the administrative aspects of software testing, allowing partners to focus on their unique added value.  So why re-invent the wheel?  Let TETware take the drudge out of you product development and allow you to deliver your product to market quicker (more . . .).


The TETware Partner Program operates world-wide.  Helping to deliver solutions to local end-users based on proven world leading technology and your local expertise.

Who can become a TETware Partner?

The TETware Partner Program is as flexible as TETware itself!  However we anticipate that it will be of particular interest to:

OEMs     Resellers     Consultants

Organizations who feel that they do not fit into one of these categories should not be discouraged from contacting The Open Group to discuss how we can, together, address the needs of the testing market.

How to Proceed?

To discuss how we can work together to better address the needs of your customers please contact.


What TETware offers
Why be a TETware Partner
Who can become a TETware Partner
How to Proceed



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