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TETware Java API Overview




2. Java language binding

Java test cases find the TETware classes in the file tet-root/lib/java/jet.jar. These classes belong to the Java package TET. The following classes form the public API:

  • TestCase
  • SimpleTestCase
  • ChildTestCase
  • TestSession
  • TetException
  • TetThread
  • SyncMessage
  • SyncState
  • SystemEntry

Reference documentation for these classes can be found in http://tetworks.opengroup.org/javadoc/ This documentation is in HTML format and has been generated from the class source files by the javadoc program. It may be read using a suitable web browser. The file tet-root/doc/java/tree.html contains an index of the class hierarchy and the file tet-root/doc/java/AllNames.html contains an alphabetical index of all the fields and methods in the class files. Please note that only non-deprecated public methods and fields which are described in this paper are part of the supported API.

In this paper, classes will often be referred to by an unqualified class name rather than by a fully qualified name (for example: SimpleTestCase rather than TET.SimpleTestCase). In the Synopsis sections, methods will be presented without the synchronized or native modifiers. This is because these modifiers may change between TETware releases and should not be relied upon.

On UNIX systems the TETware Java classes load one of the following files at runtime:

  • tet-root/lib/java/libjapi.so contains the Java TCM and the API support library for test cases.
  • tet-root/lib/java/libjapichild.so contains the Java child process controller and the API support library for subprograms that test purposes will launch using the tet_jspawn() interface.

On Windows NT systems, these files are named tet-root/bin/japi.dll and tet-root/bin/japichild.dll, respectively.

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