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TETware Java API Overview




6. Insulating from the Environment


On UNIX systems it is possible to use the TET_SIG_IGN and TET_SIG_LEAVE variables in the execute mode configuration to modify the way in which the TCM should handle unexpected signals. These variables are described in the corresponding section in the chapter entitled "The C API'' in the TETware Programmers Guide. However, users should be aware that the Java run-time system may make use of signals for various purposes. Therefore the use of configuration variables to alter the handling of a signal that is used by the Java run-time system can have unpredictable results. In particular, users should not specify a signal in TET_SIG_IGN that is used by the Java run-time system.

The set of signals that are used by the Java run-time system varies between Java implementations.

The list of signals that may be used by the Java run-time system and thus should be left alone by the TCM is compiled in to the TCM when the Java API is built. Information on how these signals are specified is presented in the section entitled "Support for Java'' in the TETware Installation Guide for UNIX Operating Systems.


The facilities described here are not provided on Win32 systems.

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