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TETware Java API Overview




3. TCC Dependencies

Test cases built to the Lite version of this API may be either be executed stand-alone or under the control of either TCC version. Test cases built to the Distributed version of this API require the Distributed TCC to execute; they cannot be executed stand-alone. This is because the amount of effort required to establish an environment in which test cases could execute without the TCC is substantial. This applies especially to the requirement for test purpose synchronisation and result arbitration.

The TCC uses communication variables to pass information to the API. If the communication variables normally set by the TCC are not set when a test case is executed, TET_ACTIVITY defaults to 0 and TET_CONFIG to undefined. If TET_CODE is undefined or the file specified by TET_CODE does not exist in the current directory, the default set of result codes is used.

If the test case requires configuration variables or additional result codes, those communication variables should be set accordingly when a test case is executed stand-alone.

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