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TETware Java API Overview




1. Introduction

This paper describes the TETware Java API. Different versions of the Java API are supplied with TETware-Lite and Distributed TETware. The Distributed version of the Java API may be used when writing both distributed and non-distributed test cases, whereas the Lite version of the Java API may only be used when writing non-distributed test cases. The types of test case supported by each API version corresponds to the types of test case which may be processed by the TCC included with each TETware version.

The Java API uses the Java Native Interface (JNI) to call functions in the TETware C API. To the extent that is appropriate, the interfaces described in this paper enable Java test cases to access the same facilities as those available to test cases that use the C API.

This API is only supported on certain platforms. Details of the platforms on which this API is supported may be found in the TETware Installation Guides. To access these please click here.

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